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Factors To Consider When Installing Subwoofers

As what many people say, your car is a reflection of your personality.  With that being said, we definitely want our cars to be at its best. Many car enthusiasts even go a notch higher. They are spending extra just to get the best out of their cars. Most of them acquire the services of professionals who specializes in car modification and upgrades. One good example is the upgrade in the audio system. Since most of the cars have a standard, low-end audio system, car owners are modifying it, and they are installing subwoofers.


Subwoofers or subs are speakers known for producing low-pitched audio frequencies or more commonly known as bass. Now, if you are planning to upgrade your car and install subwoofers, you must know a hawk from a handsaw or to simplify, you must have basic knowledge in this category. You can visit the site of Saker Racing for a more detailed and comprehensive guide on subwoofers, and you can also find out The 5 Best Competition Subwoofers Reviews of 2017 from Saker Racing. In this article, we will reveal some of the factors that you need to consider when installing a subwoofer.

Sub Size

biggest subwooferIt’s ideal to consider the size of your car when you make your decision on the size of the subwoofer to be added to it. Subwoofers are typically installed in the compartments of our vehicles. So, if you want to leave some space for cargos and groceries, then consider installing smaller subs. However, if you believe that the louder, the better, then you have the liberty to maximize the space and install the biggest subwoofer that can fit in your vehicle.


Woofers are more expensive than regular mid-range speakers. They are powered by high-end amplifiers and require to be protected by a warranty as you have invested much in them. Be sure to get a warranty covered woofer. In that way, you have confidence that the longer the woofer is covered, the longer it should last.


In this aspect, you will need to check the wattage of the woofer as it will be an indicator of the amplifiers you need to pair it with. It will also determine how loud the speaker is. The higher the wattage, the more powerful the speaker is. One thing to note in wattage is that you will be given constant wattage measured in RMS and maximum wattage which is given as peak performance. You will also need to note the resistance of the woofer which will also determine the amplifier you pair it with. This resistance is measured in ohms and is either in 2, 4, and 8 ohms. Frequency range is also something to note. Good quality speakers have the frequency range.